1. We offer small classes.

2. We teach with positive reinforcement and respect for both dog and owner.

3. We do not teach with correction or intimidation.

We offer group classes and private lessons.

5. We are professionals with degrees in education.

6. We build toward a trusting, respectful relationship between human and  canine.

We are eager to answer and welcome your questions during class or after.

8. We want you to teach your dog how to learn appropriate behavior.

Problem behavior does not disappear on its own. It may become a pattern.

Who We Are:

Birmingham Dog Obedience School has an outstanding reputation for understanding people and their pets. 98% of our incoming students are referred by veterinarians and former students. Many people return with second and third pets. The classes are fun and rewarding for both two-legged and four-legged students! We teach in a mindful and respectful manner, keeping in mind individual needs.

Scientific research has proven dogs learn exceedingly well with positive reinforcement principles. Dogs understand and thrive when there is consistency and structure in their lives: when humans require consistent behavior, it helps dogs feel safe. Dogs are often glad to please us when they understand what it is we want; then, learning becomes fun. We confuse our dogs by sometimes allowing a behavior and at other times not. "Sometimes" and "maybe" are confusing concepts for dogs (as they are for children.).

Instructional Opportunities:

  • Puppy Classes
  • In-Home Private Lessons
  • Counseling for Unwanted Behaviors
  • Preparation for Canine Good Citizenship Class
  • Therapy Dog Class
  • Day and Evening Classes

* Learning is fun for both dog and owner

The family dog relationship is a lifetime commitment. It is just as easy to educate our animal friend the correct way as it is the incorrect way.

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