Instructed floor time covers:
  • Puppy socializing

  • Teaching dog to pay attention

  • Introduction to appropriate use of buckle collar, leash, or harness

  • Walking at your side without pulling

  • Reliable sit and down positions

  • Short stays

  • Fun ways to teach puppy to come when called

    Counseling topics include:
  • How canines learn

  • Housebreaking

  • Nipping and biting

  • Jumping on people and furniture

  • Chewing people’s possessions

  • Unwanted barking

  • Canine etiquette


                  Down stay at snack time  

Canine educate, at it's best

We all remember the wonderful times we anticipated when we brought our new puppy home. They well deserve our care, time and patience.

Puppy Classes- Health Records required:

Why should you and your pet attend our Puppy Classes? Starting as early as possible, with consistent and fair instruction, is the key to avoiding behavioral problems. Living happily with an obedient, loving, and responsive pet means educating your dog rather than innocently encouraging problem behavior. Many dog owners are not aware of the way a dog learns; we make it our responsibility to educate them.

Puppies are greeted as they come into the classroom. We begin each class with supervised socializing. Lessons are presented and then there is time for people and pets to practice while the instructor is available for guidance.

Private instruction opportunities- for puppies and adult dogs:

We understand that your pet may learn and respond better when taught in a private setting.

Not all pets do well in group classes. Some can be more effectively taught in private sessions. Training techniques are taught and practiced under supervision, and problem behavior is addressed. Your instructor will help you to understand why the problem exists and what to do to avoid difficulties in the future. Each lesson ends with an individualized written synopsis. Scheduling is flexible.

Advanced Sessions:

  • Tailor made for continuing education, building on skills learned in puppy class.

Preparation for canine good citizenship test

Owner out of sight down stay.

Canine manners during meal time.
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