Gay Rubin's Celest as a service dog.

Patricia Hauser's Stuart.

Gwynn & Bob Duffy's Dolly.

Puppy-hood started with Margaret.

I became a service dog.

I am the perfect family pet.

All cool dogs go to Birmingham
Dog Obedience School.


We at Premier Pet Supply have been open for 23 years and have recommended Heather at Birmingham Dog Obedience since day one. We have established a great rapport with our customers and would never want to compromise that by referring them to a trainer that didn't meet the same standards we have. In all these years we've gotten nothing but positive feedback from those that have trained with Heather.

Mike Palmer, Owner
Premier Pet Supply
Beverly Hills, Michigan

My dog, Celeste, and I have worked with Heather since Celeste was a very unruly puppy. Now, thanks to many training sessions, Celeste has earned her Canine Good Citizens Certificate and her Therapy Dog Certification. We still attend classes with Heather, since we both need to keep our skills sharp, and besides that, we both enjoy doing it. Celeste presses her nose to the car window when she sees we are approaching Heather's house and then she can't wait to get inside when we reach the door. I can't either. Heather has a clear and calming way of teaching skills to people, and to their dogs. She makes sure she finds a way to help each person with her own unique set of dog dilemmas. I always leave feeling more competent and Celeste always leave reluctantly.

Gay Rubin
Birmingham, Michigan

In Heather Armbruster you have someone who totally involves herself with you and your dog whether you are taking her basic obedience classes or are in need of special help for difficult behavior problems. She offers practical, workable, positive solutions but when necessary is able to work “out of the box.” She appears to be constantly upgrading her skills going to seminars, demonstrations, and workshops, sometimes being instructor or presenter, herself.  I am completely comfortable whenever she is working with my dogs knowing her focus is on what is best for my dogs.

Patricia Hauser
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

The saying goes “You can't teach an old dog new tricks” Heather Armbruster took on a even tougher challenge, “ How do you teach two octogenarians to train a young dog to be a well behaved pet?” We had just adopted Dolly, a very active Collie-mix, when she was four months old. It rapidly became evident that we needed serious help to get the job done.

We started quizzing our neighbors and friends for guidance. While the answers were not unanimous, they were overwhelmingly in favor of contacting Heather Armbruster at the Birmingham Dog Obedience School. We enrolled our girl, then six months old. We now understand why so many dog owners recommended her. Heather combines knowledge, tact, quiet authority and patience in dealing with the dogs, and more importantly, the sometimes clueless owners. We are happy to join her large group of grateful supporters.

Gwynn & Bob Duffey
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Heather Armbruster is one of those rare instructors who can teach train, show, and listen. I met Heather many years ago through classes at Birmingham Dog Obedience and after having taken classes at other schools, I can say that Heather has the most to offer. Whether you're looking to go to the dog show ring, have a wonderful household companion, or need special in-home private help, Heather can do it all. Not only is Heather an excellent listener but her broad experience gives her the ability to tailor a program to your specific needs. If you want to have a meaningful relationship with your dog and find out why he is called “Man's Best friend”, then Heather and Birmingham Dog Obedience School is for you!

Margaret A. Gommersch
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

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